Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Weekend

Another weekend flew by...tear! Friday night, once Adam got home we hit up Wendy's and went to Mom and Dad's. The whole gang was there plus some because they had band practice for Church. It was a fun night with mom, Keila and Erica! Everyone was loving on Ella Jae! Saturday, Adam had to work and once he got home we went downtown for lunch and walked around. Then we came home, and Adam did some yard work. I got E to sleep and went out for a pedi!! Then we got ready to go to Dane and Keila's for dinner. Thank God for great friends! We had such a fun time and a very yummy dinner! I took some pictures only to realize my sd card was NOT in my camera :( We stayed there a lot later than intended because we were just having so much fun!! Sunday, we went to Church and then to Grandma's for lunch. Then we headed over to Mom and Dad's to watch the Master's. After the Master's we met the whole family at Marble Slab for icecream! We have begun out summer tradition of going for icecream on Sunday exciting and I always look forward to icecream!!! We had a nice weekend and the weather was perfect, but it went by way too fast! Now only 4 more days until the weekend begins again :-P

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