Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Weekend

Once again our weekend went by way too quickly! Friday night was spent by Adam taking care of Ella Jae and me resting because I have a sinus/cold thing. And it also consisted of a late night sushi run after Ella Jae went to sleep. Saturday, Adam had to work and I rested when Ella Jae did. When Adam got home I started getting ready because we had a date night scheduled! We took Ella Jae to mom and dad's and we headed to Wild Wings, the movies to see Date Night, Cold Stone for icecream and to Target. We had a wonderful time!! It was really fun and made me realize how much we took "our time" for granted before Ella Jae. It is little things like going on a date and having time together as couple that you don't really think about when you prepare for a baby but you desperately need once baby arrives. Sunday, we went to church and to grandma's for lunch. Then Ella Jae and I headed to Erica's housewarming party. The guys came later only to eat ha! Then just the girls went to happy place :) It was nice being girly at Target! We all headed to mom and dad's to eat supper and watch a movie. Sundays are always bitter-sweet because I love Sundays because it is such a family day and we always have fun, but it is sad because a new work week begins and Addie has to leave me and Ella Jae behind as he leaves for work :(
Adam and I on our way to date night!

Ella Jae ready for church on Sunday! I love her sleepy eyes :)

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