Friday, June 18, 2010

Beach Weekends

We went to Hilton Head Island Memorial Weekend and the following weekend! We really just relaxed the first visit. We really enjoyed the long weekend. We did not take Ella Jae to the ocean. But we did on the second visit. Adam and I just stayed over night with his family. It was a whole family affair. We really wanted to make sure Ella Jae got to experience the ocean that trip. She loved it, too!! We didn't put in the actual waves, just in a little pool of water that had gathered on the sand. I think she thought she was having bath time because the water was so warm ha! Bless her little heart though because she could barely keep her eyes open because it was so bright. All babies are sensitive to light but I think E is ultra sensitive because Adam is to. I call him 'squinty!' I guess I will have two squinties on my hands :) I cannot wait to take her again to the ocean. Adam and I don't really have much vacation time so we will just have to sneak in little visits when we can. If it were left up to me, we would go every weekend :) I am excited for next year because E will be running all over the beach and having her little self a good ole time which will be so fun to see!! It was pretty neat she her little tootsies in the sand this year, too!!

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