Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Doc visit and cereal

Today Ella Jae and I made a visit to the PEDS office. She has had a stuffy nose, not sleeping well or eating the greatest. She is fine, just a little congestion. Since she will be 4 mths this Sunday (omg...where is the time going??), the doc to go ahead and feed her cereal to see if that will help with her sleep habits some. So we tried it! She didn't know what to think! I sat her in her Bumbo seat and fed her with a spoon. She would kind of taste it a little and spit it out ha! It was the cutest! Then she started to get a little fussy, guess she wasn't getting her belly full fast enough so I put it in a bottle and she sucked it down. Then I gave her formula. She went out like a light. I hoping that she will sleep well tonight. I am pretty much running on empty, Adam too. I am still a little unsure of whether to continue to try to feed her the cereal by spoon or do I prepare it for daycare...seriously, I can only feed her 4x a day...tomorrow should be interesting ha! We will just worry about that in the a.m. It is sleepytown for Mommy!!

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