Friday, June 5, 2009

~My little guys~

My cousin, Tiff (who is like my big sis), has two little boys, Lathen-3yrs old and Baker-8 mths old. They are sweet as pie and I could just kiss their little faces off! I try to spend as much time with them as I can but it is never often enough. So when I do spend time with them I just soak it up! We have so much fun together! Lathan calls me "Ebee!" We have photo shoots with my camera whenever we are together. He is getting so big and will start 3K in the fall. He is so smart and amazes me with some of the statements that he makes! And little Baker is at the age where he is balls of fun, you can just smile at him and he'll laugh! Tiff was telling me today how he loves to look at himself in the mirror now and thinks its funny :) I am going to babysit Bake on Sunday while Tiff and Chris have some "big boy" time with Lathan at the movies. I can't wait!

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