Friday, June 19, 2009

*Random fun*

Last night Adam and I decided to go out for favorite...Tako Sushi in downtown Aiken! I love downtown Aiken! It has to be the cutest swank downtown ever! Anyways, so when we were pulling up we noticed an usual amount of people and turns out all of downtown was having a "beach blast!" All the stores stay open later then normal and some had snow cone machines and others were grilling hotdogs! There was even beach music playing and people dancing the "shag" aka the south carolina dance. It was so neat! So we ate dinner and it was so yum, then we walked around for short period of time and then all of a sudden it got really dark and windy so we headed back home :( Although the night ended a lot sooner than we would have liked, we still had a fun time! I even snapped a few pictures that I plan to post later! I really enjoy those times when you set out to do nothing special and then encounter random unexpected fun!!

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