Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Weekend

Friday was typical. Me and Ad both worked late. Ad picked up E and they met me for BBQ at a yummy little place near our house. I really wanted mexican, but Ad wasn't in the mood :( I could seriously eat mexican everyday! But we really enjoyed our supper, and Ella Jae enjoyed eating some grits, macaroni, and mashed potatoes :) My baby girl is southern through and through!

Saturday was a beautiful day! I had to teach a "Money Matters for Teens" class at a college, so it was nice to have a change rather than just being at the credit union on a Saturday! When I got home for work, I was greeted by a great surprise...E was bathed, her hair was combed, and she had on matching clean clothes :) Daddy got major brownie points for that one hehe! We enjoyed a nice lunch together and wanted to go for a walk, but E was getting tired so she went down for a nap while Ad and I straightened up the house.
E opened her card from her Memere' and Pepere' Lambert :) She loved it!

For dessert, she enjoyed her first powdered donut :)

Later Saturday afternoon, we went out for a little Valentine's dinner with my Mama (E says 'hi' in the picture)! We went to Bonefish, my fav! We had a very surprising 35 min. wait, and E was so good! She enjoyed eating on my garlic mashed potatoes and bread. She is getting to be such a big girl at the dinner table :) She was really pooped after dinner, throwing all her toys on the floor must have really worn her out ha!
Sunday, we enjoyed lunch at Grandma's! We haven't been in a while because my grandma's husband has been in the hospital, but he is out now and doing well, so it was nice to all be back together on a Sunday for Sunday dinner! We always look forward to it! Tiff, Chris, and the boys came so it was so fun being with them and watching them play with Ella Jae! E loves her cousins! She was walking so much to and from everyone! It was the cutest thing! The little stinker could walk consistently if she wanted to, but she is a cautious little one! I am sure it is coming soon though, and then she will be leaving me in her dust :(

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