Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend with perfect weather! I am loving the warmer weather! It can definitely stay for a while! Friday, Ella Jae had some time with her Mama while I worked. So after work, Ad met me at Mama's and I picked up some Chili's and we all ate supper together. Mama treated us to dinner as part of our belated Valentine's :) Thanks, Mama!

Saturday was such a beautiful day! Picture perfect in my mind! After E's morning nap we got ready and went downtown for lunch and a walk! It was so great and we really enjoyed our little family time! We are at one of my favorite deli's "What's Cookin,'" saw several people we knew and chatted with them, went into a few of my favorite little shops, and went to "Desserves" to order E's cake and cookies for her party! I am so excited about her little smash cake. I can't wait to see how it turns out. E was ready for a nap after all that so we headed home. Then when dinner time rolled around we wanted to go someplace and eat outside where it was nice so we once again decided to go downtown haha! We ran into Erica (Ad's cousin and my bff) and her fiance' Josh, and we all went to eat at Takosushi together! We were so glad we ran into them and got to eat dinner together! Ella Jae was so good throughout the day and at dinner! She has started being so content when we take her out now. I don't know if it is the tubes that helped or just the stage she is in, but I am so thankful for it! For a period of time we didn't go out very much or when we did it was very nightmare-ish lol! But now she is just the best little thing! Even when she gets tired she doesn't really complain that much :) It has definitely gotten easier!
Me and Ad waiting for our food as we sat outside :)

E enjoyed a cute!

It was a little sunny so we put on our shades ;)

E LOVES dogs (and babies) so we had to stop outside of a petshop so she could pet this fake dog lol! She is a mess!

Erica, E, and me at Takosushi for dinner :)
Sunday we ate at Grandma's and enjoyed cake for Tiff's birthday which is Wednesday. The cake...funny story...was sitting on the table and Tiff's two-year-old got into the cake knocked it off the table, and had gotten himself a fork and proceeded to dig in lol!! No one unfornately got any pictures, but we were able to save the cake because when it fell, it fell into the top plastic part haha! My grandma lives next to a church with a playground that is like a 100 years old, but we have always enjoyed it nonetheless! We headed over there to play with the kiddos. Then we came home for naps and E woke up unhappy :( I think she is getting more teeth. She still only has one, and the doc said she would probably get more at one time. We went on Thurs. for a check-up with her tubes and all was well, so I am hoping it is just her teeth bothering her. Poor little thing! We have a big week ahead so hopefully it passes soon!
Me and Tiff!
Life made us cousins, love made us sisters!

Me and E swinging :)

And Lathan cheezin' in the swings! Love my little men :)
Hope everyone had a great week! It is Ella Jae's birthday week!! It will be a busy week for us with party planning and family coming in! Can't wait!!!

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