Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Great news!

I have great news...Adam got the job at Enterprise Rent-a-Car as a manger! I am so proud of him and so thankful that this is happening for our family's future! Adam will no longer have to work night or long weekends and NO HOLIDAYS! Fortunately, he will put in his 2 weeks notice tomorrow and avoid working at Walgreen's on Christmas Day! As a manger, he was going to have to work Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day, which would have been terrible. He basically would have had no Christmas this year. Bless his heart. I am so thankful for how the opportunity to apply for the Enterprise job came about and that we was chosen for the position! God definitely heard our prayers! This job could not have come at a better time with the arrival of Miss Ella Jae quickly approaching! We are so excited! We just got back from a little celebration dinner from "The Wing Place" with his parents. We had such a fun time and good conversation. I cannot express how proud of Adam I am. He played phone-tag with Enterprise for the first week and even became somewhat discouraged but did not give up. He finally was in correspondace with Enterprise and was given an interview which led to 2 more. The last interview was in Savannah last Thursday. I felt pretty confident that he would get the job! And sure enough, the regional manager called him today to offer him the position!! Adam is so hard working and ambitious. All his talents and goodness shine through when you talk with him. Any employer is so fortunate to have an employee like Adam! I cannot wait to see how far he goes within the company and how soon! He begins on Tuesday, Dec. 29. His last day at Walgreen's will be the 23rd so he will have a little break to rest up and enjoy the holidays before his begins his new job. Praise the Lord!!

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Jane said...

Aw, Amber...I teared up a little when I read "all his talents and goodness show through when you talk with him". Yes they do! And so do yours. I'm so glad for Adam that he has a wife who "gets" him and appreciates him.

Auntie Jane