Monday, December 21, 2009

Our weekend

Friday night, Adam and I had a night in :) We had breakfast for it! It was nice just relaxing and staying in because I had a crazy day with my glucose screening and then having to go to work in the rainy freezing cold weather. Saturday, I hosted a Pampered Chef Party! It was so much! Who doesn't love for someone to come cook in your home? The products are great, too! Adam went into work (only 3 more days of yuck-greens) and I spent the rest of the afternoon going through some baby clothes that my cousin gave to me and shopping for things to go on Ella Jae's walls. Who knew that deciding on decor for a nursery could be so difficult. I think I almost have it though!! Sunday, Adam had to be at work at 8 am so I went to Church solo after stopping by Dunkin Donuts ofcourse :) Then went to Mom and Dad's for lunch. We also celebrated Adam's birthday last night. I had to run to Publix to pick up his cake. His whole family came over for sandwiches, chips, potato salad, and cake. It was fun having everyone over and celebrating my sweet husband! His birthday is Tuesday and he has to close so we can't celebrate Tuesday, but hopefully we go to dinner on Wednesday. I have a lot of pictures to post from our holiday season!! Hopefully, I can get a chance to do that sometime this week! Hope everyone has a great week and can enjoy the last week before Christmas :)

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