Monday, December 21, 2009

O Christmas week

It always seems that once December gets here, Christmas Day comes all too fast! So here we are the week of Christmas, and Christmas Day will be here in a few short days. Leading up to the big day, we have events planned for each night of the week which ofcourse will make the days go by even quicker which is a little sad, but it will fun enjoying the season with our family and friends. Tonight, we are celebrating Mutante' Paulie's birthday(and hopefully going to see the lights at Hopeland Gardens-a little tradition of ours); Tomorrow, I am going to dinner with the girls and it is Adam's birthday; Wednesday, I am getting together with my two cousins, Jen and Amanda, and Adam and I will have nice dinner to celebrate his birthday just the two of us; Thursday, Christmas Eve, I have to work until 1 pm and then we will get ready for Church and Mom and Dad's Christmas Eve party; Friday, Christmas Day, we will spend it with our families and just enjoy each other and the day and give thanks for ALL of our many blessings. I am so thankful that Adam's last day at Walgreens is Wednesday and we will be together Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which wasn't the case last year. I will look forward to many more Christmases together and being able to share them together with Ella Jae and starting new traditions with her! Adam and I really want her to know and understand the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus and giving to others less fortunate. We want to teach her that Christmas is not just about "all I want for Christmas" and getting presents. We plan to not go overboard with gifts but trying to convince the grandparents to not go overboard might be a different story haha! This week, I hope to find some down-time in between all the happenings to bake and listen to Christmas music and really soak in everything about this Christmas season!

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