Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

We have had some pretty boring weekends lately besides our "Babymoon" and visit to HHI. But this past weekend was pretty eventful. Friday night Adam worked pretty late and met me at my Grandma's for supper and we visited with family that was in town from VA Beach. We really enjoyed visiting with them, and they were so generous in giving us 10 or so outfits of Ella Jae, a crocheted blanket, booties and 2 hats!! I am so sentimental so anything handmade really means a lot to me! They were so beautiful and I cannot wait for Ella Jae to wear them! On Saturday, Adam and I went to my great-aunt's funeral and had lunch with the family afterwards. Then I went to one of my really good friend's jewelry party which was so much fun! After being in a sorority and surrounded by girls 24/7, I really miss my girlfriends and enjoy having "girl-time" oh so much!! While I was at the party, I checked my phone and had 9 missed calls, all from Adam. So I freaked out and called him in a panic, but it was no big deal, thank goodness. He made an appointment to have my new cd player installed in my car so he needed my car. We ended up dropping me off at the mall and then meeting me. We had so much fun just sitting at Books-A-Million, me with my fashion and baby magazines and him with his motorcycle and mofia books...yes, I really think Adam was in the mofia in a past life haha! He loves watching any show or reading books about it haha! Then we went home and rested, then we finally got the energy to go get some supper at Mi Rancho :) and actually went to the movies at 8:30 to see Avatar in 3D! It was really fun and a great movie! Sunday was church and lunch at Grandma's. Then I bakes some peanut butter cookies and made a chili cheese dip to take to Mom and Dad's for the Super Bowl. We really enjoyed being with our family and watching the Super Bowl last night. Not really a fan, but glad the Saints won their first Super Bowl...although I was a little disappointed I didn't see Kim Kardashian or Kendra anywhere haha! I finally packed my bag for the hospital last night and Ella Jae's diaper felt so great and now I feel very prepared! I cannot believe how soon she will be here!!! I am so excited and very anxious!
Antonietta and I--She crocheted all the sweet baby items for Ella Jae!
All the sweet sweet clothes!
The beautiful crocheted baby blanket, hats and booties!
Haha! Had to throw this in there! This is what my poor feet and ankles looked like on Friday night. And Adam was so sweet and rubbed them for me :)
Adam and I before our little last minute dat night :) Not many more of those nights to come...

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