Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Recap

Nope. No baby yet. But we did have a pretty good weekend! Hopefully, it will be our last weekend with just me and Adam! Friday night, Adam and I had a pretty quite night. I left work at little early because my feet were pretty swollen. Then when Adam got home we went to eat at Salsa's (my fav) and just came home. Saturday, Adam had to work and I ran a few errands. I went to wal-mart and got a pedicure :) was much needed and felt so great! Then when Adam got home, my Mama and Adrianna came to pick us up and we went to lunch at What's Cookin'! We even got to eat outside because it was such a beautiful day :) When we got home Adrianna cleaned my house (what a sweet cousin), me and Mama dabbled in a few crafts for E's room, and Adam washed all the cars :) Later that night, we went to eat at Maliah's for Tiff's birthday. We had a nice time eating and visiting with friends and talking lots of baby talk :) Sunday, we went to church and it was the baby dedication. I teared up during the children's worship and was so excited to see all the little babies and it made me want my baby here with me that much more!! After church, we went to a cook out at Mom and Dad's and it was the perfect day for a cook out! It was such a beautiful warm day. It felt like spring! I can only hope E will come on a day like yesterday! We enjoyed good food and each other's company so much. We even watched a few home videos which were super funny! Adam even painted E's little chair :)

Mem, Erica, me and Pep waiting to eat :)

Adam painting E's chair while Nicholas supervises :)
I go to the doctor tomorrow for my weekly check-up! I am excited to know if I have made any progress and I pray I have! Hopefully, my doctor will say "Ok, we need to admit you to the hospital!!" Haha!

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