Monday, January 17, 2011

Little Debbie lover

Tonight while I was cooking dinner, E was in the kitchen exploring as usual. She typically opens all the cabinets and pulls things out, goes over to the baker's rack and pulls all her babyfood and snacks out (off the bottom shelf), pulls up on the trash can and dishwasher, plays with measuring cups, etc. But tonight, she was really quiet all of a sudden and I turned and looked, and this is what I saw...

Ella Jae enjoying a Little Debbie cake :) The little stinker somehow pulled a Little Debbie cake out of the box on the second shelf of the baker's rack. (Take notice of the pink crumbs around her!)

And when I caught her, she dropped it and headed straight to me like "Momma, I didn't do nothing!" :)

And this is the damage! She managed to either bite it open or press it hard enough to open the end of it. She was going to town on that Little Debbie and there were pink crumbs everywhere! Looks like Ella Jae has a sweet tooth :)