Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Skipping Fall...onto Christmas

So I am totally skipping Fall and posting all about our Christmas holiday! There just isn't enough time to go that far back :) Ofcourse, Christmas came and went all too fast! With me working full time, having a commute to work, being mommy and wifey, along with all the other chores and duties of life, it really did come and go way too fast. I really enjoyed the week of Christmas. I was off most of the week so it was really nice to relax and take it all in and really focus on the true meaning of the season rather than all the hustle and bustle that comes with it.

Monday night of Christmas week I went out with some girlfriends from high school. They were my best friends for so long and we have been through so much together. I really really missed them like A LOT! We chatted and caught up of some yummy tappas food, and I totally didn't take any pictures :(

Then Tuesday night, my family and me and Ad went to a concert. It was so nice to be with my grandmothers and cousins. And I saw Dave from Lady A, again :) He is from the same area as me and was home for the holidays! He is such a cool humble guy!

Wednesday was Adam's birthday :) Before we celebrated his birthday, E and I met up with My Mama, Mrs. Joy and Mrs. Brenda for our annual girls luncheon. This year we met at California Dreaming rather than going to one of houses. It just seemed easier that way. Then we went back to Mrs. Brenda's to open gifts and have some cake :) These are the best women that I know! I love each of them with all my heart!! That night we celebrated Adam's birthday at his grandmother's house. We had pizza (his request) and a yummy red velvet cake I picked up for "A Piece of Cake" (my favorite...shh...don't tell)!
Thursday was a shopping day :) Me and E met my Mama and cousin, Adrianna, at Chili's for lunch and went to Target, Ross, and the mall. Then Adrianna came home with and helped out with E while I cooked. She ended up spending the night. We had such a fun day and E was a trooper :) I never really know how she is going to be when I take her shopping so I just play it by ear ha!

Friday was Christmas Eve! Ad had to work half a day :( So us girls went to eat breakfast at New Moon (my fav bfast spot) then came back home so I could get my cook on while E napped. Adrianna went home, and me and E were off to Tiff and Chris' house for a luncheon with my family. We do sandwiches and dips and open presents so we can be together because we all have so many places to go Christmas day, and we are like sisters so it is very important that we spend quality time together!
Ad met us there, then we came home so E could get another nap in and then we went to Church for our Christmas Ever service. Then we went to Adam's parents house for their annual party. We had a lot of fun and it was so nice being with our families! E fough sleep something awful, but she finally went down. She just hates to miss anything! After everyone left, us "kids" opened the present we open every year....Christmas pj's....so fun! Then...Megan (my SIL) and I begged to open another :) Typical girls :) The guys could have cared less, so they let us open another gift :) My gift was a bling ring :) My in-laws know me all too well!!

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