Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stomach bug, tubes, and 1st tooth

Last night, E got hit with the stomach bug :( She has never been that sick, ever! She was a trooper and wasn't even really phased by it. She slept until 9 am yesterday and then I even had to wake her because we had to take my grandma to a doc appt. Little sleepy head! She is much better today, still a little puny but none of the other stuff! Thank goodness she is better because she is getting tubes today. She has had an ear infection each month since September and since it is just now winter, her PED thought it would be best to get tubes. We were referred by many family friends to go to a doc in our area that uses a laser. The doc is amazing and he is so good with Ella Jae. He completely explained the whole procedure to me in detail and even drew a little diagram :) I feel really good about this decision. Please say a little prayer for our pumpkin as she gets tubes today even though she won't feel pain, we do have to hold her down since they won't put her under. She will not be happy :( But the outcome is so worth it!
At 10 1/2 months old, E finally cut her first tooth!! You can see it on the bottom right! Her bottom gums have been swollen for a while now so I knew it was coming. I would check every day and finally on Jan. 15 it decided to poke through :) And now you can see it really well. It looks like the tooth beside it is about come through anyday now!

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