Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Weekend

Our weekend was a sickly one. Mean stomach bug visited us again. Adam started not feeling well Thursday night. He called me Friday at work to tell me that he got sick and I had to convince him to go home. (He is such a dye-hard!) Then about 4:30 Adam's dad called me to tell me E had gotten sick 2x, so I left work and made a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up at the essentials...gatorade, powerade, pedialyte, gingerale, pepto, children's tylenol, and milk (that was for me). When I got home, Adam said "these have been the longest 3 hours. I am so glad you are home!" Poor guy. He was not well at all. E didn't get sick anymore, she was just really clingy. Finally after I got the two of them settled at 8:30, I went to pick up some mexican and watched Jerry Maguire lol! But it ended up being a very long night :( And I had to work on Saturday. No fun.

Saturday was better, praise the Lord! I worked and Adam's mom came to pick up E. Adam actually got out of bed so that was a good sign. When I got home from work, Ad and E both seemed to be like 90% so I was really happy. Adam's parents brought over a leather couch to our house for us to have because they bought a new one so we moved it in and got it all settled. We rested some and then met back up to eat at Zaxby's.

We slept in today because E woke up at 5am. We took our time getting ready and met some family for lunch at Ruby Tuesday. By the time lunch was over, E was getting really tired so we thought she was going to nap so Adam's dad took her with him and we went to run some errands. But when we got back, poor thing hadn't slept a wink. I knew something was up. I got her down but when she woke she started throwing up again :( So I am going to take her to the doctor tomorrow to see what is up. The stomach has really been going around in our area. I heard 70% of our area had it. I just hope I don't get it anymore than what i had last Wed. night! So it looks like it is going to be a pedialyte night, but hopefully not a long night. And there was our sickly weekend. Hoping tomorrow will be a fresh start to a WELL week!!

Watching little one loves some Disney channel :)

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