Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year brings new changes

2011 brings some new and exciting changes for the Lambert family! I now work only part time!!! I work Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. And the other four days a week I get to stay at home with the cutest sweetest and most fun 10 month old ever! What a blessing! Each day this past week I just wanted ot burst into tears of joy! I feel like a new person already and man, does it feel good! I was getting to my end point and stressed beyond measure with commuting (with a 10 mo old mind you), working all day, commuting back home, cooking, cleaning, being Mommy and Wifey. It was getting hard to enjoy anything. And I know I probably sound like such a weeney because millions of moms do the same thing everyday without batting an eye. But I just think I was cut from a different mold than most working mothers. So my sweet hubby and I came to the greatest conclusion of my life so far and decided that it would be best for our family if I went part time. My employer was so unbelievely understanding and agreed to my proposition! I started my part time schedule on Jan. 3. And this week has been one of the best weeks of my life. Sweet Ella Jae is even different and loving being home with Mommy! Can't you tell???....
Monday, we had a chill day! We went to the grocery store, and I cleaned while she napped. Wow, did it feel good to get my house in order or what! And knowing that I can stay on top of it puts such a huge smile on my face!

Tuesday, I worked. I was really tired when I got home. Adam's parents were so sweet to bring E to us because his mom keeps her on Tuesdays now, AND...they also brought us pizza :)

Wednesday, we traveled to the ear doctor and the prognosis is E does need tubes but they will use a laser so no putting her under! I loved the doctor and feel really good about the decision. If it gives her relief and their are no risks, I am all for it! Then we went to visit with Mama for a while since she isn't keeping her 3 days a week any longer. I know she will miss her like crazy. Later that afternoon we went to eat supper at Mem's for our weekly family dinner. Then Pep Lambert came in late to be with us for a week!

Thursday, we took Grandma Betty to the beautyshop to get her hair fixed then E and I met Pep Lambert, Dad and Uncle Mac for some Wendy's (our tradition when Pep comes to SC). E was really good besides making a huge mess on the floor :) We keep her mostly entertained with food! That girl loves to eat! Then we came home for a nap and then headed to pick up some WifeSaver for a friend who recently had a baby girl! It was so fun to see another newborn since E! I did kind of forget how small she really used to be. And E was in love...she would just squeal at the sight of Aubrey! It was the cutest thing! We came home after our visit to get dinner ready because we were having Pep over for supper. Pep and E played whiled I set the table and waitied for Daddy to get home and join us.

Friday was a long day because I worked until 6:15 and I met everyone else at Mom and Dad's for some Chinese :) Yummo. We hung out there and then went home to put E down.

Saturday I worked and then did a little shopping before I went home. I got some things at Hobby Lobby for E's 1st birthday! Yikes...can't believe I am already planning that day! It seems like yesterday we were bringing her home! We enjoyed a quiet afternoon at home and then it got supper time and we got hungry and decided hum...let's got to Old McDonald's Fish Camp :) We called Grandma Betty and off we went. It was so yum and E enjoyed her first bowl of grits...she may have a little smidge of yankee blood but that girl is all Southern :)

Sunday was so cold out that we skipped Church and stayed in our pj's then went to Mom and Dad's for lunch and to watch a movie with the fam. But before we left E destroyed our living room haha! Adam called her "destructo-baby!" Haha!! So my normal cleaning routine will begin back today!

E watching the Disney channel :)

"Destructo-baby" at her best!
Happy Monday!

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