Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A name for baby Lambert

Many girls have names picked out for their children long before they marry or expect their first child, and I am no different. The name I had chosen for a girl was after my great-grandfather. His name was Elbert Jacob aka E.J." He and I were very close and he passed away my freshman year in college. And typically in the south, it is tradition to give your child a family name. You may be panicing at this point, so don't worry we are not naming our daughter Elbert Jacob but something similar. Her name will be...
Ella Jae Lambert
We will call her Ella Jae, although Ella will be her first name and Jae her middle name. Fortunately, Adam did not fight me on this, although if he had I am not sure he would have won :) And thankfully, our sweet baby will be a girl because we could not narrow down a boy name. We are thrilled about our little Ella Jae and her arrival. It cannot come soon enough!

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