Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rhode Island pictures

At Mem and Pep's 50th Anniversary party

Me and Ad before the party

Our family before the party

Me and Ad at the Tommy and Tanya's wedding reception

At the rehersal dinner (Ad sporting his new jersey that Tommy gave him)

Just coming in from the pouring rain (notice the wet spots on Adam's shirt)
Nicholas...well...being Nicholas :)

Me and Ad on the campus of Brown University

Wright's Farm yummy desserts

Also at Wright's Farm...they milk their own cows
(Me standing infront of the cow "maternity barn")

We ate "wieners" aka Hotdogs in the south :)

Me and Megan committing a crime...southernizing our "wieners"

Me and Meggers at the wiener place
Me and Addie at the wiener place

Taking the necessary precautions on the flight to R.I. so Ella Jae and I wouldn't catch any germs hahaha!!

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