Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a sweet husband!

I just wanted to brag on my husband (aka "my baby daddy") a little bit! Yesterday, he said some really cute things! We were eating breakfast and talking about Ella Jae (most of convos consist of her these days!), and he said "I can't wait for her to be here!" Then I felt her move while we were relaxing on the couch and he tried to feel but he couldn't feel anything. Then he said "will I really be able to feel her kick when she starts kicking more?" He said it in the cutest way but oh so serious :) Then he started talking to my belly and telling her to sweet! He is going to be such a great daddy! If he is with her just a little of the way he is with me then she will be one lucky little girl! When he holds me or hugs me tight, he'll say "I love my girls!!" Awwww!!!!! He also made my lunch this morning :) Ella Jae and I are two lucky ladies!!

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