Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Under the weather :(

I am home from work with a bacterial infection...yuck! I was hoping not to get sick during my pregnancy but so many things are going around right now that it could always be worse I guess. I went to the doctor yesterday and she prescribed me amoxicillin. Unfortunately, the meds were in a capsule form :( I really miss the pink liquid that tasted like bubblegum!! But either way, hopefully it will do the trick. I think by getting sick, it was mother nature's way of telling me to slow down and take it easy for a bit. Since I went to R.I. I have been going none stop. So even though I feel junky, it is nice to be able to stay in my pj's all day and rest!

Speaking of R.I., maybe in my down time I will post the pictures we took while we were there. Maybe not all of them because I took close to 300...shocking, I know!

Hope everyone is having a great week and is not sick with something!

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