Friday, May 14, 2010

4 more days...

I only have 4 more days until I return to work from maternity leave. It is quite a bittersweet emotional time for me. I am excited to get back to work and hit the ground running under new management and learn about all my new tasks that I have ahead of me, but at the same time I am sad because I have to leave my sweet baby girl. I mean who would want to leave this precious thing???I have had several women tell me that it is better to leave your baby when they are this young because they don't know. I even had a sweet lady tell me that she knows many working moms that are great mommas and just because a momma stays home with their child doesn't necessarily make them a great momma. I can still love her and give her everything she needs and still work. She is going to a christian daycare/nursery and I taught 4 year old kindergarten there for 2 years and I know they are going to take such good care of her. I know our days are going to be very long, dropping EJ off at 7 am and picking her up at 6 pm, and that makes me sad but this is the right thing for our family right now. I have a half day on Wednesday so that will be something to look forward to. Also, we have several family members that want to pick her up early some days to just spend time with her. I am praying for peace and comfort as I spend my last days at home and for when I return to work.

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