Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adam made me laugh!

So tonight Ad and I were having our nightly chat and he said that he heard 'the most ridiculous name today.' I said what was it. He said Windsor Salem. He said who in their right mind would name their child that haha! He said what is she going to go by when she is older...Windsor or Salem? I said they are both names of towns and then he said 'and cigarettes!' This made me laugh because he was really annoyed by the name haha! Then I said well, was she cute? And he said 'ridiculously cute!' and his mood totally changed. Hahaha! Then....this made me really laugh....he went on to say that she had a little bow, a cute short hair cut, big big brown eyes and little sandals. I said so what you like kids now (sidenote: Adam never really liked kids before EJ)? He said nooooooooo, very sacastic haha! Ella Jae has definitely melted his heart and made him a real softy!! Adam never looked at kids and everytime we would be in public and a kid would cry or something he would get annoyed. It is funny how a baby can change even the toughest men! I love it!!

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