Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Date Night on a Tuesday

Last night, Adam and I went to a Greenjackets Baseball game. The Greenjackets is our local baseball team. It is actually used to be a farmteam of the Boston Redsox (Ad's favorite), but now I think it is like Pittsburg or something. Anyways, the baseball game was also a mingle type deal for Enterprise employees, where Ad works. It was really fun! We met his co-worker Graydon, his wife, Rebecca and their little boy, Bradley. We all went together and enjoyed grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, watermelon and cotton candy!! It was such a beautiful night, too! We didn't do much game watching, but we enjoy chatting and laughing with his coworkers!! I also found out that Adam is 2nd in car leads for his district!! And the guy ahead of him only has him by like 3 cars!!! I am so proud of him especially with him being the 'new guy on the block!' We left E with Mom and Dad. We figured it might be too much for her but I cannot wait to take her and do fun things like baseball games, carnivals and fun!! I even made a friend! His name was Charlie and he was probably abou 3 years old...super cute!! He made me excited to have a little boy one day..............ONE DAY!!! Haha!
Ad and I at the game. I had just eaten cotton candy...notice the blue teeth lol
Graydon and Rebecca! We had so much fun with them :)