Friday, October 16, 2009

The crib is up!

Last night, Adam's parents came over to our house for dinner! It is always so nice having them over. I love having company period! I just love to entertain and wish I could do it more. After dinner, Adam and his dad put up the crib, and mom and I assisted when needed :) The crib looks so nice!! Mom and dad were even gracious enough to buy the bedding as well! We are so thankful for them and all they do for us! They take such good care of us! We are truly blessed by our entire family!

After Mom and Dad left and Adam was watching tv, I just sat in Ella Jae's room thinking of all that is yet to be. I thought of how she will nap in her swing that sits against the wall, how she will sleep peacefully in her new beautiful crib that her Popi and Mem so willingly bought for her, how Adam and I will sneak into her room at night to look at her and pray over her after she has fallen asleep, how I will rock her and read to her in the antique rocking chair my Mama gave to me, and how she will someday play in the floor with our her toys. I think it really hit me last night that we are actually having a baby and she will be here in 5 short months! I wanted to be a mommy my whole life and Adam and I prayed for her before we ever knew we would be blessed with her. It brings tears to my eyes to think that is 5 months we will see her face, touch her soft wrinkly skin, hold her sweet hands and feet and ofcourse give her sweet kisses as much as the day is long! What a blessing, what a priviledge that God chose Adam and I to be her parents, to love her, protect her, teach and guide her! I really am enjoying being pregnant and feeling her little movements, but I cannot wait for her to be here with us and make our family complete!!!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful crib. Beautiful Mommy. Beautiful Daddy. Beautiful Family!

We love you!

Tom & Tanya