Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eating for two

Until recently, I have eaten as I normally did before I was pregnant. But wow!!! I beginning to eat for two! I read that I should not "eat for two" and only to increase my calorie intake by 300 calories. But what exactly do you do when you are practically starving?!! Today I ate 2 breakfast bars, applesauce, an apple, an oatmeal pie, and chicken sandwich, and it is not even supper time yet! I have never been a big snacker. For me to just grab a box of cheese nips or chips is highly unusal. And I have tried to particularly stay away from those things since I have been pregnant because I don't want Ella Jae to enter the world a "junk food junkie" haha! So when I do feel hungry I try to grab an apple or cereal bar with rolled oats or something. But man, am I hungry?? I have been trying to down the water, too, in hopes to kill the hunger pains but that doesn't seem to work haha! Tonight, Mem and Pep Lambert invited us for supper so I will be eating a nutritious supper soon! Hopefully my belly will get full along with Ella Jae's! Although, I am sure I will be hungry 2 hours later! Ha!

Speaking of food...has anyone tried the pre-cut, pre-washed apples in a bag? I am totally addicted! They can be kind of pricey but to me, it is worth the splurge! I buy the big bag and keep them at work and I could seriously eat the whole bag in one sitting! Hey...apples are nutritious and one a day keeps the doctor away, right :) Who knows, maybe Ella Jae will be an apple lover. The funny thing is, I never really ate apples before I was pregnant. I was a banana and orange kind of girl. Try these apples in a bag...supper yummy and there is no fuss because you do not have to cut or core them :)

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