Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun Wednesday off!

I made great use of my time on my Wednesday off! My sweet husband went and picked us breakfast :) Then I got ready for my hair appointment. I got a little trim on my hair. It needed some attention something awful! Then I met Adam and the Pepere's for lunch at Wendy's! Me and Pep Lambert always eat at Wendy's when he comes into town. It is a tradition on of ours :) Then I went to visit with Kim at her salon because she had to bring baby Davis with her to work. So I was glad to go over and keep an eye on him :) I even got him to sleep by myself! I am sneaking in all the practice that I can! After our sweet visit, I met the whole Lambert gang at Ryan's for family night. It was everyone minus Adam because he was ofcourse working :( But it was fun! Then I ran over to mingle with my Zeta sisters at our annual Pumkin Carve. It is so great to know that an idea my Zeta sister and I had 5 years ago is still a ZTA tradition! I even made it to my cousin's last football after the pumkin carve. My cousin, Adrianna, is like my little sister. I was 11 when she was born and was the only girl on that side of the family until she made her debut. So I was one excited girl to have another girl in the family! She is cheering for her middle school, actually the same middle I cheered for, and finally made it to see her cheer during her last football game of the season. The football team lost but the cheerleaders did great ofcourse, and Adrianna was the cutest one :) I am a little biased, obviously!! I really enjoy my days off when I feel like I get a lot accomplished and do things that I want to get done. Yesterday, I was able to spend a lot of qualoty time with the people I love most and it was so great!

Tonight, we are planning a trip to the Aiken County Fair :) I am so excited! It will be the whole Lambert gang even Adam :) Adam and I have not been to a fair since we have been together. He always had soccer or work. But yah!!! We are finally going to make it this year! I hope that it will be a tradition we can continue with Ella Jae. Growing, me and my mom's family always went to the Aiken Fair. It would be all us cousins and we would get so excited as we would approach the fairgrounds! We would unbuckle our seatbelts so we could inch up a little highers to see the lights. We would always spot to farris wheel first! We would always have a funnel cake and as much as I love funnel cakes, I don't like when I get all the powder all over me haha! I am really looking forward to the fair tonight and especially the food! Who doesn't love fair food, especially a pregnant woman :)

P.S. Ella Jae's room is being painted today :)

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