Monday, October 12, 2009

Our weekend

This past weekend Adam and I were able to spend some quality time together! It is rare that we get a whole weekend together and we savored every minute of it! I took off Friday so we could have a long weekend together. On Friday, we spent the morning cleaning a little and running errands. That afternoon we cleaned out our back garage and decided to have a spur of the moment yard sale. So we gathered all the things we wanted to sell and posted some last minute signs at the ends of our street. Then we ate supper at Salsa's (my fav!) and met his mom at Target to FINALLY purchase a crib for Ella Jae! So...about the crib...we had so much drama with JC Penney so I just happened to be at Target the other day, looking in the baby section, and fell in love with the crib they had on display! It was reasonably priced and beautiful, so when I got home I looked it up and read all the comments and knew it was a winner!!! So we have drib for Ella Jae!!!
Saturday, we woke up way too early for our yard sale although we had a good turn out and surpassed our own expectations especially since it was so last minute. What we didn't sell we took to Salvation Army. Then we came home, popped a pizza in the over and after eating, we took a nice long nap. That evening we decided to go out for a nice date night. We ate at Chili's (yah for two for $20!!) and went to the movies to see "Couple's Retreat." It was really funny and it was packed. We made a pit stop to get candy before, ofcourse!! It was a great night! It felt like we hadn't been to the movies in so long. We had a great night! We know in the near future our "date nights" will be few and far between so we are enjoying them now!! Although, I am sure we won't miss our date nights that much because we will have a new sweet little addition to our family and she will consume all our time and we will enjoy EVERY minute of it!
Sunday, we went to Church and ate at Grandma's as usual :) Then we went to Adam's parents to watch NFL football. I am not the biggest fan of NFL but I get enjoyment out of it because Adam does! Although he was a little heart broken because the Patriots lost and it is not fun to see him when they lose! But there is always next week!
Now it is back to reality! I traveled to ATL today for more training and Adam is winding down from his vaca days and heads back to work on Wed. Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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